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On or off anon, tell my character something they do not want to hear and watch them react.



Points if you make it ultra relevant to my character, you special stalkers, you!

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Anonymous → Can't you all be happy I accomplished an impossible task. No because that means death for us



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Anonymous → All that hard work and most everyone hates you for it

ikr :Y


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"So you’re zhe owner. I found it zhe ozher day vandering. I didn’t know whose it vas so, ah. I guess I found it for you.”
The bot handed over the item to the Spy.


His beloved silver lighter. It had been lost to him in a previous battle, when all had assumed the round was over. That men had won once again— only to find a Giant Heavy fall in from behind. Startled, many of the mercenaries had deserted their previous actions, hopping to the action.

Now, it was returned to him. Spy only now had noticed that the peculiar tone in Medic’s voice was not from a cold, or the direction the other was facing. No, the being which peered back at him zipped about on one wheel, with eyes that glowed. This was a robot. One of the many he had yet to sap and stab in the back.


Yet, this one made no attempt at being hostile. “What’s wrong with you, bot?” 

"I haff chipping paint und my left arm needs to be oiled but zhat’s about my only issues right now."

A sort of nervous tone creeped into his voice upon realizing he was dealing with a Spy. And one that didn’t take to bots well. He really hoped the other wouldn’t pull out a sapper. He had rather bad reactions to them in the same way you probably shouldn’t eat a container of peanut butter in the same room as someone with fatal peanut allergies.

"Und also I’m running a special AI program. However it’s considered ‘defective’ since I don’t haff drive to hurt anyvon. And also a few ozher glitches." 

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Anonymous → Every other race: > hate the grox ally

Grox’s new ally: > Fuck this


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Anonymous → You want to be our ally, earn it.

Dancing with the Devil badge….


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Anonymous → I am not one of your meme loving fucks, I am an alien race of class and sophistication.

i can only hear spock saying this and


i have a hard time with huge things like star trek and spider man and TMNT and other stuff thats comics because theres just so MUCH of it and ill wanna do it ALL but theres no way i COULD and it SUCKS

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Anonymous → the grox civilization has fallen to the memes

say ‘meme loving fuck’ in the same way spy says ‘fried chicken tramp’

it’s amazing.


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Anonymous → Well give you an extra hour in the ball pit if you leave us alone

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ametalmerc → "Hallo zhere, Herr Engineer."





"Well howdy there…uh…" He rubbed his head, "Graybot?"

"Can you blame me?"

"No, I can’t…"

Robert folded his arms, “Well…you seem peaceful.”

"I don’t haff much of a reason to be rude, anyvay."